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News Events

Volunteer of the Month
  Gospel of Faith Church would like to acknowledge the dedication of one of God's many wonderful volunteers,
Sister Judy Little. As operations manager of the food bank, she coordinates both the food bank as well as the soup kitchen. She also takes care of scheduling our volunteers. There is not enough space to say thank you to this special worker of God. To all our volunteers who have helped throughout this past year thank you so much... we thank you for your dedication and willingness to serve God here at GOFC you are so appreciated.

  Returning from Quartsite once again to fellowship with us, we have missed him so much this past winter. looking forward to enjoying his singing..... Welcome Home

Special Visit
  We are hoping to have a summer of Gospel music, inviting several gospel groups to perform.

Clothes Closet
  Gospel of Faith Clothes Closet is now open every Wednesday from 12-4pm.
  Help us give your "gently used" articles a new life.

Food Bank
  Our Food Bank serves the needs of our community every Wednesday and Friday from 12-4pm.
   Donations to restock our shelves are appreciated. we are servine 250 to 300 monthly.

Over-Comer Class... Recovery Ministry
     "Hurts, Habits, and Hang-ups"
 Our Recovery Ministry will help you through the healing process. Your guide will share and discuss different topics weekly. Help is available On-Line and In-Person.
this site is under construction at this time.....

Prayer Warriors
   The Prayer Warriors gather each Sunday after church to provide "strength through prayer". your E-prayers are annoited and taken to the Altar of the Lord! Everyone is welcome to join us as we pray for your special requests and needs. Each day our prayer Warriors pray at 10:00AM again at 2:00PM and once again at 4:00PM this way you are sure to join with us at one time or the other..... Hope you can join with us, America and the world needs our prayers..

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